Fashion is the 10th most polluting industry on the planet. We are a brand who holds ourselves responsible for trying to change that fact.
     All of our products are made-to-order, which means that we never have excess stock that could go to waste. Additionally, we like to make sure that the production process creates as little waste as possible- meaning reducing and recycling fabric scraps, heat, and water. We are also proud to say that our garments are colored using premium eco-friendly dyes and 4x less water than the average apparel brand. 
     Our environmental consciousness doesn't stop at the production phase. All of our packaging is made of post-consumer recycled plastics. The exact amount of recycled content in our packaging varies, but it’s at least 50% for outer packaging and at least 30% for inner bags (which we only use for multi-item orders to reduce waste). For posters, we use triangular cardboard boxes that replace the traditional plastic poster tube with end caps.
     Sustainable practices are not always easy to incorporate as a small business, however, we promise to never stop coming up with solutions that ensure the protection of our environment as we grow.